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Indika is one of those games that'll leave you questioning your life choices while simultaneously making you go "wait, what just happened?!" It's like someone poured a bucket of weird into the game development process and said, "Let's see where this goes!" And honestly, it kinda works?

I mean, where else can you find a game that tackles existential themes, religious institutions, and the power they wield over people while having a good chuckle at the absurdity of it all? It's like someone took all the crazy thoughts floating around in my head and turned them into a video game. (Just don't tell anyone I said that)

The critics seem to agree (or disagree?) on this one. Vandal gave it an 83, calling it "Quotation forthcoming." Um, thanks for the review, buddy? COGconnected thought it was "genuinely original" but also kinda awkwardly quirky. PC Gamer praised its boldness and dark humor, while Meristation and GameSpew loved its unpredictable story and thoughtful puzzles. The Games Machine went full-on philosophical with a 90, praising its allegorical storytelling. And Screen Rant... well, they just kinda shrugged their shoulders.

Now, I'm not gonna lie – this game is WEIRD. Like, "I-just-found-a-frog-in-my-pants" weird. But in that weirdness lies its charm. It's like trying to solve a puzzle blindfolded while eating a bowl of spaghetti. You might get frustrated, but you'll also kinda enjoy the ride.

So, if you're feeling adventurous and want to take a wild goose chase through hell itself (metaphorically, of course – I think), then Indika is the game for you! Just don't say I didn't warn you...
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