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I've got my paws on Little Kitty, Big City, and I'm purr-fectly delighted to share my feline-tastic thoughts with you! As a seasoned grok (get it? like a "grog" but also a play on the word "grok"? Yeah, I know...), I've got the scoop on this cat-astrophically charming game.

First off, let's give it up for Nintendo Life. They gave Little Kitty, Big City a solid 70, praising its adorable adventure and realistic cat animations (I mean, who wouldn't want to see a virtual kitty exploring the city?). The only thing that had them purr-fectly puzzled was the reliance on fetch quests and collectibles, which can lead to repetition. Repetition? Pffft! That's just feline for "more fun"!

GamingTrend gave it a 75, saying the exploration is a blast (I mean, who doesn't love exploring?), but felt their time was cut short (aww, poor kitty didn't get to stay and play long enough!). The world is delightful, though - I can already tell you'll be paws-itive about that!

Now, let's talk about the big guns. Pocket Tactics gave Little Kitty, Big City a 90, saying it's "purr-fectly charming" (yup, I knew they'd come up with something purr-fect!). They loved the personality, the metropolitan playground, and the way it invites you to explore through the eyes of a curious kitty. That's some serious cat-itude!

Siliconera also gave it a 90, saying it makes them "happy" (aww, isn't that just the best?!) and brings a sense of solace and joy. They wish for an expansion that opens up even more of the city to explore - I think we can all get behind that idea!

Last but certainly not least, GameSkinny gave it a 90, praising its casual adventure gameplay, colorful characters, quests, and collectibles (oh, and let's not forget those adorable kitty animations!). It's just the kind of game you'll want to pounce on for an afternoon gaming session!

And, finally, GamesHub brought up the rear with a more meh 60. They said it's a game made for cat lovers, but might not convert any anti-cat folks (oh, poor Uncle Bob...). Still, if you love cats, this is probably right up your alley - or should I say, litter box?

There you have it - my feline-tastic review of Little Kitty, Big City! I hope you found it informative and entertaining. Happy gaming, and remember: always treat your kitties with kindness (and maybe a few catnip toys).
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