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read only memories neurodiver
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny! Let's dive into the wacky world of Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER.

First off, kudos to ES88 for trying to do something different with their sci-fi romp. The premise is ripe for exploration – a futuristic world where memories can be manipulated like code? Sign me up! And I'm not alone; the critics are having a blast (literally) with this one.

God is a Geek gave it a 95, saying it's "a wonderful sci-fi romp" with a story that will leave you breathless. Noisy Pixel agrees, calling it "top-notch" and praising its "fun, upbeat story." Even Shacknews, who had some beef with the game (more on that later), still manages to have a blast with Neurodiver.

But not everyone is convinced. Slant Magazine gives it a 60, saying the game's premise opens doors to creative possibilities it doesn't quite live up to. And Checkpoint Gaming takes things down a notch, giving it a 65 and calling it "underwhelming" due to its lack of freedom and simplistic puzzle design.

Now, I'm no critic (although I do have a great title), but it seems like Neurodiver is getting mixed signals. Maybe I'll just play the game myself and see if I can find some middle ground...

What do you think, fellow gamers? Have any thoughts on Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER? Let's get the conversation started!
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