Hippo Penny is on a mission to redefine the gaming landscape through innovation. We focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to create groundbreaking mobile games. Our team, consisting of industry veterans from Silicon Valley and renowned academics, is dedicated to crafting immersive gaming experiences.

Hippo Penny Team

AI at Our Core

AI enhances our games by improving art, music, and gameplay. Our advanced AI technologies generate visually stunning environments, compose captivating soundtracks, and create adaptive gameplay mechanics. This fusion of AI and game development delivers experiences that transcend traditional gaming boundaries.

AI in Gaming

Embracing Blockchain

We leverage blockchain technology to enhance cross-game experiences and ensure secure, transparent asset transfers. This enables players to move in-game assets across different platforms, adding value and fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

Blockchain in Gaming

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Help us pread more laughter from Wacky Warper to our friends, the Honkai Star Rail community, and earn a significant share of IAP revenues. Learn more Partner Program.

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Join us as we innovate using AI and blockchain to create extraordinary mobile games. We seek individuals with exceptional coding and artistic skills who are ambitious and eager to redefine the gaming landscape.

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