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Help Us Spread the Words of Wacky Warper to More Friends

Wacky Warper - Honkai Star Rail gacha, dress, gift, emotions, meme, laughter. We are thrilled to launch a global creator partner program to spread more laughter from Wacky Warper to our friends, the Honkai Star Rail community, and beyond.

What do you do? Keep doing what you do — playing and sharing your awesome, silly creations, whether they are memes, videos, or screenshots of your cool Wacky Warper characters so more people will also know and have some fun with Wacky Warper.

wacky warper.gacha, character, dress, chat, emotion, wisher. Top charts in casual game.
Gacha. Dress. Gift. Chat. Emotion. Meme. Laughter Spreader.

How It Works

We want more people to play and laugh with Wacky Warper. As a Hippo Penny creator partner, you will have a unique code to share with friends; and both of your friends and you will get a few cool in-game items to dress up characters. Furthermore, this is totally up to you if you desire, as a token of appreciation for you to spread the words, we are gladly to share a significant share of IAP revenues from your referrals. Our goal is to have more friends to join us in Wacky Warper, and have fun, not much of the IAP. For now, payments are available for the US and VN only if you decide to receive the appreciation token. Your contribution level is recorded in your (to-be) dashboard regardless.

Here is how it works **

  • Apply to become a creator partner by filling out the form below, or try to get a creator pack in-game.
  • Receive your unique referral code. The code will show up in your user profile.
  • Share your code with your network—TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Earn 15-35% commissions (if you want) whenever your code is used for in-app purchases, and your friends will receive free cool items.
  • If your referrals become creators and recognize some commisions. We will double their amounts and share that bonus between both of you in their first 3 months.
wacky warper.gacha, character, dress, chat, emotion, wisher. Top charts in casual game.
Laughter Spreader.

Join the Global Community

Connect with friends and fellow players worldwide. Play, laugh, and share your fun moments to help us build a vibrant community for Wacky Warper, for Honkai Star Rail. It’s not just about earning money; it’s about sharing laughter with our friends. Meme, gacha, dress, gift, emotion reactions.

Apply to Become a Creator Partner

** From time to time, we may run general special programs or promotions that may provide all or some partners the opportunity to earn additional or alternative commission. Hippo Penny reserves the right to discontinue or modify all or part of this partnership program or promotion at any time.