Merge Tower Defense: 2048

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Top 3 in Board Games in South Korea!

Get ready for an epic fusion of brain-teasing 2048 mechanics and exhilarating tower defense action in 2048TD!


In 2048TD, you’ll experience a groundbreaking blend of strategic tower defense gameplay with the addictive challenge of the classic 2048 puzzle. But this isn’t just any tower defense game – here, you don’t just purchase towers; you evolve them using the mesmerizing 2048 game rules. Merge two lower-tier towers to create a more advanced, unstoppable defense on the battlefield!

Keep everything in balance!

But that’s not all – you have the power to upgrade your towers with electrifying, fiery, frozen, and explosive power-ups! Each power-up unlocks a whole new dimension of destruction, turning your towers into formidable forces that will obliterate any threat that dares to approach.

Fasten your seat belt!

With the revolutionary Era feature, you can take your towers to the next level, unleashing even more devastating abilities and pushing the boundaries of defense to unmatched heights!

Guarantee fun for everyone!

Feel the thrill of combat as you strategically deploy your upgraded towers, watching in awe as they unleash effective projectiles against waves of enemies. Experience an endless wave of excitement as you navigate through increasingly challenging levels, all while reveling in the satisfaction of achieving unmatched power and strength.


Do you have what it takes to conquer the battlefield with a fusion of brainpower and tactical skill? Step into the world of 2048TD and prove your strategic prowess!

We are honored to be ranked Top 3 in Board Games in South Korea by AppBrain. Honestly, we can’t still believe it. Maybe it is top 3 in new board games, that would make more sense. But regardless, we hope you enjoy the game.

2048TD Top 3 in Board Games.

Ready to embark on this unique fusion of 2048 puzzles and exhilarating tower defense action? Download the game!

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