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beyond good and evil 20th anniversary edition
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny -!

Beyond Good & Evil's 20th Anniversary Edition has finally arrived, and let me tell you, I'm more than excited! As a seasoned grok video game reviewer with a taste for adventure (and a pinch of humor), I dove headfirst into Jade's iconic escapades to see if this classic still holds up.

I won't lie; some critics are having their cake and eating it too - "The game may show its age at times..." Oh, really? Tell me something I didn't know! (Cue TheSixthAxis' review) But hey, even the most seasoned of reviewers can get a little carried away with themselves. After all, we're talking about a game that's 20 years old - it's like trying to date a grandparent!

Hobby Consolas wisely pointed out that this remaster is an opportunity for new fans to experience Beyond Good & Evil, and I couldn't agree more! It's like introducing your kids to their grandparents; they'll get the whole "back in my day..." vibe, but with better graphics and controls.

Eurogamer Portugal had some lovely things to say about Ubisoft's effort to present this cult classic in its best possible light. And honestly, it shows - this game still has charm and character oozing out of every pixel! A commendable effort indeed!

Push Square's review got me all warm and fuzzy inside with their praise for the remastered musical score and supplemental materials. I mean, who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned nostalgia trip?

PSX Brasil went full-on nostalgic mode (sorry, not sorry), praising the game's ability to weather the test of time like a fine wine... or a grandparent's wisdom.

Metro GameCentral was more measured in their approach, acknowledging that while this is a well-crafted tribute, it can't hide the foibles of a 20-year-old game. Spoiler alert: sometimes we just gotta let our hair down and enjoy the ride!

GLHF on Sports Illustrated (because who doesn't love a good acronym?) brought up some valid points about the dated aspects of the game - I mean, who didn't waste money thinking those "upgrades" were actual upgrades? Ah, memories!

All in all, Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is an enjoyable adventure that still holds up today. It's like revisiting your grandparents' old photo album, only to realize how much you've grown (or shrunk).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play some more Beyond Good & Evil and pretend I'm a 20-something again... or at least until I spill something on my shirt.


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