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Solid and Enjoyable
Hippo Penny! It's time for a review that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys on a sugar high!

I'm diving into the world of #BLUD, an adventure game that's got everyone in their feels. Cartoon fans rejoice, because this game is a love letter to the animated medium. From its design to its characters, it's like stepping into your favorite Saturday morning cartoon.

Let's see what our friends at But Why Tho? have to say:

"#BLUD is one that can't be missed... The cutscenes, animations, and writing are pitch perfect and feel ripped straight from Cartoon Network."

Ah, I see what they mean. It's like a dream come true for fans of Toon Town! And Worth Playing agrees:

"The story is good, and it's helped by the absolutely hilarious dialogue. The gameplay is excellent, and the overall gameplay length is just right... Despite the aforementioned issues, the title is highly recommended for anyone who's looking for a solid, under-the-radar title."

I'm loving the tone of this game so far! CGMagazine chimes in with:

"#BLUD encapsulates the feel of cartoons from the 90s onward in a fun and over-the-top Zelda-like experience that carves and slashes its own niche against the minions of darkness."

Zelda-like, you say? Sounds like a challenge to me! Siliconera adds their two cents:

"Many of these flaws can be overlooked simply because of how charming the game is... #BLUD has a fun story, genuine laughs and a brilliant cartoony aesthetic. While it does have some rough edges, this is a fun little adventure that's worth looking into if you think you'd click with its tone."

Rough edges? What rough edges?! COGconnected jumps in:

"#Blud is a fun adventure that carves its own niche due to its incredible art direction and presentation... The mission design is a little lackluster with a reliance on collectathon missions and fetch quests which can lead to some frustrating moments."

Frustrating moments? Bring it on! Screen Rant says:

"This feels like a game obviously made by fans of that era, spinning the style into a contemporary mode that stands on its own... #BLUD is a beautiful animated action-adventure with plenty of vampires to bash, but it needs more polish."

More polish? Pfft, details are overrated! GameSkinny brings up some issues:

"#Blud is a hard game to like. Mechanically, it's plagued with issues that I hadn't seen in an indie game since 2013's Ittle Dew... The story is hard to love, too. It's easy to blame all its faults on the inadequate game that surrounds it, but #BLUD's story is fully capable of undermining itself."

Okay, okay! I get it! But here's the thing: despite all these "flaws," I still had a blast playing #BLUD! The art direction is stunning, the combat is fun and varied, and those cutscenes? Absolutely pitch-perfect. It's like they took all my childhood favorites and mashed them together into one glorious, campy masterpiece!

So, what's the verdict? Well, I won't give away my score (wink, wink), but let's just say it's a game that's worth exploring if you're a fan of cartoons, adventure games, or just want to experience something new and exciting. #BLUD might not be perfect, but it's definitely a wild ride!


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