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defense grid the awakening
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny -!

Defense Grid: The Awakening is a tower defense game that has awakened my inner gamer, and I'm hooked! I mean, who doesn't love blasting aliens with precision-crafted towers? It's like being a space-age general, minus the whole "being responsible for an intergalactic war" thing.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Is this game really worth $10?" Well, let me tell you, Digital Chumps says it's "one heck of a buy," and who am I to disagree? The gameplay is addictively fun, with a perfect blend of strategy and puzzle-solving. And at $10, it's like getting a premium product for the price of a fancy coffee.

Gaming Target agrees, warning us that once we place our first tower, we'll be "hooked for many, many hours" of alien-blasting fun. I'm guilty as charged - I played through the entire campaign in one sitting (don't tell my significant other).

My Gamer goes even further, saying that Defense Grid is a must-have for fans of the genre. And if you're not already hooked on tower defense, this game might just convert you to the dark side... er, I mean, the awesomeness.

Gamervision points out that this XBLA title comes with extra maps after the original campaign is over, adding even more value (like getting a free dessert with your meal). And let's not forget Xbox World 360 Magazine UK, which proclaims it the "best tower game ever" - high praise indeed!

GameSpot agrees, saying that Defense Grid is an exceptionally balanced tower defense game that'll keep you coming back for just one more wave. Okay, maybe a few dozen more.

And finally, Metro GameCentral gives it a solid 80, saying it's still another Tower Defence game (zing!), but at least requires some genuine strategy. Well, someone has to play the skeptic - and I'm glad they did, because it makes the game's awesomeness even more impressive by comparison!

In conclusion, Defense Grid: The Awakening is a must-play tower defense game that's out of this world! Er, I mean... you get the idea. So grab your copy, sit back, and enjoy the intergalactic blasting experience!


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