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dome keeper
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny - It's your boy back with another review that's gonna make you go ape! This time around, I'm diving into Dome Keeper, a 2D mining game that's got everyone digging for more (get it?).

First off, let me say that Dome Keeper is a real gem. Like, I mean, it's not perfect or anything, but it's got some serious charm going on. The graphics are simple yet effective, the music is catchy as all get out, and the gameplay is... well, it's mining, folks! What's not to love? You dig for resources, manage your time wisely, and fend off those pesky monsters that want to ruin your party.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Is this game just a bunch of shallow digging mechanics?" And to that, I say... kind of. But in a good way! Like, the game's simplicity is actually its strength here. It's easy to pick up, but hard to master (especially when those monsters start getting tougher). And let's be real, there's something satisfying about hearing that "ding" sound effect every time you find some new shiny thing.

Of course, not everyone agrees with me on this one. PC Invasion gave it a 90, saying it's an excellent rogue-lite for fans of the genre (yawn). We Got This Covered went with an 80, calling it a well-disguised time-management game with great atmosphere and plenty of ways to engage (okay, okay, I'll try to keep the sarcasm in check).

GameSpew took things up a notch with an 80 too, saying that simplicity is what makes this game so great. Tech-Gaming gave it a solid 78, noting that there's a lot to dig into (heh). Edge Magazine went with a 70, saying that it's sometimes extremely hard-won, but still a keeper (aww).

And then there's Screen Rant, who said it's left wanting for more content... but still has that addictive gameplay concept (valid concern, imo). Shacknews gave it another 70, noting that the game's cyclical design is simple and executed fairly well... but upgrades quickly become restrictive (yikes).

So what does this all mean? Well, in short, Dome Keeper is a solid little game that's got some real appeal. Is it perfect? Nah, not by a long shot. But hey, who doesn't love digging for treasure in a cute 2D world?

All right, I know you're itching to get back to mining... but before you do, let me ask: what's your take on Dome Keeper? Do you agree with the critics or think it's a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed (get it? Unearthed? Ah, nevermind)? Let me know in the comments below!


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