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Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny - I'm back with another groovy review for you! This time, I'm diving into the world of Eastward, a pixel-perfect action-adventure game that's got everyone talking. Well, almost everyone.

Let me get this out of the way: I love retro games, and Eastward is no exception. The 16-bit pixel art style is so on point, it'll make you nostalgic for the good ol' days of gaming. But enough about aesthetics; let's talk gameplay! The combat might not be as flashy as some other titles, but it's solid, and those puzzles? Ah, they're where Eastward truly shines. Solving 'em with Sam and John is like solving a puzzle in real life – you know, the kind that makes you go "AHA!" when it all clicks into place.

Now, I'm not gonna lie; some critics have been a bit... harsh. Gamer.no gave it a paltry 50, citing boring dialogue (ouch) and combat mechanics as the main culprits. Ouch is right – but hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if that opinion is wrong . Meanwhile, Vandal thought Eastward was "a game that rewards us for sticking with it" – nice try, buddy, but I think you mean "rewards us with some pretty cool moments."

Game Informer summed it up nicely: quirky, captivating, and somewhat surreal. That's what Eastward is all about – a world that's equal parts weird and wonderful. And hey, if you're looking for something to spice up your gaming routine, this one's got the goods.

Eurogamer Italy nailed it when they said Eastward is "a marvelous action-adventure game." Marvellous indeed! The art style, setting, and sounds all come together to create an unforgettable experience. Even Player 2 thought the storytelling was top-notch (100%, baby!).

GameSpace gave Eastward a respectable 90, praising its retro vibes and attention to detail. I mean, who doesn't love a good homage? And TheGamer? Well, they just went whole hog on Eastward's awesomeness: "clever, vibrant, and unapologetically original" – yassss, that it is!

All in all, Eastward is a game that'll keep you busy for hours, with its engaging combat, clever puzzles, and downright charming setting. So grab some popcorn (or whatever your retro gaming snack of choice may be) and get ready to join Sam and John on their wild adventure.

That's it for today, folks! I hope my review was as delightful as Eastward's pixel art – see you in the next one!


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