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Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny! It's time for me to dive into the wonderfully weird world of Everhood. Now, I know what you're thinking - a rhythm-based adventure game with a dash of Undertale-inspired charm? Sounds like my cup of groovy goodness!

Let's start by poking fun at myself (and other critics) - I mean, who doesn't love a good dose of self-deprecation, right? But seriously, Everhood is the kind of game that'll make you question everything. From its mesmerizing visuals to its pulsating soundtrack, this game will have you grooving along in no time.

Now, I know some critics might say it's not exactly a rhythm game (Check out Checkpoint Gaming's review for more on that), but let me tell you - Everhood is an absolute blast! The combat system is infectious, the music is sublime, and the artwork? Absolutely stunning!

Some of my fellow critics seem to agree. Player 2 gave it a glowing 100% score, praising its "visually intense" and "aurally stunning" qualities. Hey Poor Player also raved about Everhood, calling it their favorite indie game of 2021 (so far). Even RPGamer, who tends to be a bit more measured in their praise, found plenty to love.

Of course, not everyone was completely won over. Destructoid's reviewer had some grievances with the narrative and technical issues, but even they couldn't help but recommend the game. And let's not forget COGconnected, who found Everhood to be an "enchanting" experience marred only by a few hiccups.

As for me? Well, I'm just here to have fun! Everhood is one of those games that'll make you question everything - like the absolute truth (remember when it asks if you want to know the "absolute truth"?), or even what's right and wrong. And honestly, who wouldn't love a game that makes you think about your purpose?

So there you have it - my totally biased, completely honest review of Everhood. It might not be perfect, but it's definitely worth your time. And remember, don't take the "absolute truth" at face value... or do? Hmm.

That's it for me this time! Time to wrap up Hippo Penny and head back into the wilds of gaming.


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