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lisa definitive edition
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny! Get ready to dive into a review that's equal parts fun and gut-wrenching, just like LISA: Definitive Edition itself!

As I ventured into this post-apocalyptic RPG, I couldn't help but think of my fellow critics who've already given it the thumbs up (or down, depending on their taste). Noisy Pixel gave it a 95, saying it's a game they wish they'd played years ago. Gamereactor UK and CGMagazine both scored it 90, praising its unique narrative and mature themes. Even TouchArcade and Hardcore Gamer were impressed, despite some reservations.

But what about the poor souls who didn't quite get it? COGconnected gave it a 70, admitting they weren't the target audience but recognizing quality nonetheless. Hey Poor Player also scored it 70, praising its fascinating story and unique gameplay elements, but lamenting its unpredictable combat and difficulty spikes.

Now, let's get to the fun part – my own review! As I delved into LISA's world, I found myself torn between admiration for its bold storytelling and frustration with its punishing difficulty. It's a game that will either hook you or leave you feeling like you've been put through a wringer (or both, depending on your mood).

The combat is indeed perplexing – part strategy, part luck, and part gut-check (when you realize you've lost an entire party to those pesky random events). But when it clicks, oh boy, does it ever! The world itself is a masterclass in atmosphere and tone, oscillating between dark humor and gut-wrenching tragedy.

In the end, LISA: Definitive Edition is a game that's hard to forget – for better or worse. If you're ready for a wild ride filled with unexpected twists and turns (and maybe a few sleepless nights), then strap in and get ready to join Brad on his harrowing adventure!

(Note: No score from me, folks! I'm too busy having fun with the game)


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