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orcs must die
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny! Get ready for some serious grok-tastic goodness, as I dive into the world of Orcs Must Die!

Let's get this party started with GameShark, who gave this game a whopping 91% . They said it's an exciting game where a split-second of inattention can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Yeah, no kidding! It's like trying to herd orcs into a pit trap – if you blink, they'll just run right back out!

But what about GameFocus? They thought Orcs Must Die! was a fun tower defense romp with a twist . I'm not sure what kind of twist they're talking about, but I think it's the same one that makes me want to shout "Woooooo!" every time I successfully defend my base from those pesky orcs.

Meanwhile, Destructoid gave it an 85% and said it's below its cartoony surface . Oh, don't be fooled by that surface! It's like when you think a game is all about cute animals, but then BAM! You find out they're secretly ninjas. Orcs Must Die! has depth, baby!

Official Xbox Magazine UK and Official Xbox Magazine both gave it an 80% , saying it's lots of hyperactive fun . I'm with them on that one – who doesn't love running around, flinging bombs at orcs, and laughing maniacally?

On the other hand, Gamereactor Denmark was a bit more lukewarm, giving it a 70% and saying it's entertaining but won't be remembered in a few months . Hey, that's okay! I mean, who remembers their favorite game from last year? (Aside from maybe the developers themselves?)

And then there's Quarter to Three, which gave Orcs Must Die! a meager 40% . They said the problem is that there are better tower defense games out there. Ah, come on! You can't just compare apples to apples (or orcs to orcs) – what about comparing apples to... I don't know, pineapple pizza?

All jokes aside, Orcs Must Die! is a blast to play, and if you haven't checked it out yet, grab some popcorn and get ready for some serious grok-tastic goodness!


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