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phantasy star online
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny - Alright, folks! Grab some popcorn and settle in for my review of Phantasy Star Online!

Let me tell you, I'm no expert on this whole "gaming" thing. I mean, I've got a sweet gaming setup at home (it's basically just a fancy coffee table), and I like to think I can handle the latest and greatest... but sometimes even I get my butt kicked in this game.

That being said, Phantasy Star Online is a real treat! The folks over at Hot Games gave it a 100% rating, saying it'll keep you up for days straight. Okay, maybe not those exact words, but that's the idea. It's like they're trying to say, "Hey, don't worry about sleep when PSO comes out – just binge-play and forget about responsibilities!"

Total Video Games agrees, saying explaining the genius of this game is tough, so you just gotta play it yourself. That sounds like a pretty solid endorsement to me! I mean, who needs words when you can just experience it for yourself... right? Planet Dreamcast chimed in too, saying even though PSO lacks a deep storyline and isn't perfect solo-play-wise, it's still an amazing game that promises great things for the Dreamcast.

Gaming Age compared it to "Diablo" (which, honestly, I've never played), but basically said Phantasy Star Online is addictive AF. And CNET Gamecenter just flat-out raved about its graphics and online play – saying you owe it to yourself to experience it (which is code for "you're gonna be obsessed").

On the other hand, GameSpot gave PSO an 82% rating, admitting even with some shallow storyline bits and camera issues, it's still a blast. And GamePro chimed in with a more modest 70%, saying it's your standard hack-n-slash combat... but online or off, you must jump online to get the full experience.

So, what does all this mean? Well, I think we can safely say Phantasy Star Online is a game-changer (pun intended). Even the most skeptical of critics agree – this thing is FUN! So, grab some friends, strap yourselves in, and get ready for an adventure that'll keep you awake... or at least give you plenty to talk about with your gaming pals.


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