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Hippo Penny! Here's my review of Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed - a game that's been getting a whole lot of love from critics and fans alike.

As I dove into the world of Aionios, I couldn't help but think that Monolith Soft is just trying to make me feel old. See, this DLC wraps up the story started in Xenoblade Chronicles 1, which was released way back in 2010. Yeah, time flies! And what a journey it's been - from the highs of XC3 to the lows of... well, not-so-great critics like me trying to keep up with the hype.

But seriously, Future Redeemed is an incredible love letter to fans who've stuck around since the beginning. It's a beautiful conclusion to the Xenoblade Chronicles trilogy, and I'm not just saying that because I got to play as a certain blue-haired hero. Okay, maybe I am, but trust me when I say this DLC delivers.

One of my favorite things about Future Redeemed is how it balances nostalgia with fresh takes on old ideas. It's like Monolith Soft took all the criticism from, uh, "certain" critics (ahem) and used it to make a game that's even better than before! The combat is tighter, exploration is more rewarding, and the story... well, let's just say I didn't expect to feel so many feels.

I mean, I'm not one to cry at video games (okay, maybe I am), but Future Redeemed really got me. It's a testament to the power of storytelling in gaming, even when you're dealing with a series that's been around for over a decade.

Now, I know some critics might say that this DLC is a bit on the short side, but honestly? I'm fine with a concise, well-crafted story over a bloated one any day. And trust me when I say this game will leave you feeling... redeemed (ba-dum-tss).

So if you're a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles or just looking for an incredible gaming experience, look no further than Future Redeemed. Just don't expect me to be objective about it - Hippo Penny out!


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