Silly Wisher - Wish Simulator for Genshin Impact

Silly Wisher promises to inject a hefty dose of humor into your Genshin Impact obsession. This game takes the beloved wish system from Genshin Impact and drenches it in meme sauce. miHoYo has been highly successful with their gacha systems; Honkai Star Rail proved to be another success following the footsteps of Genshin Impact. I recommend you try the very funny Wacky Warper, affectionately dubbed Silly Wisher Honkai, but it’s actually more than that - more on this another day. Now, back to the business of Silly Wisher.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Imagine pulling for your favorite Genshin characters, but instead of sleek, anime-style graphics, you get 2D caricatures that look like they’ve been drawn by a hyperactive 12-year-old. And honestly? It’s glorious.

The game starts you off with enough resources to make 90 wishes, perfect for diving headfirst into the chaos. The pity system is here too, so you don’t have to manually count your failed attempts at getting Diluc or Mona. Out of resources? No problem! Just watch a few ads and you’re back in business.

silly wisher expert troll
Right her right now. Fun.
character archive.
Character Archive.

Characters and Banners

This game has all the characters, from obscure 4-star weapons to coveted 5-star characters, all in ridiculous forms. It updates frequently, so there’s always something new to pull. It’s like a never-ending parade of hilarity. And if pulling characters isn’t enough, you can mix them using the gene splicing feature. The results are often as horrifying as they are hilarious.

gene splicer

Main Features:

  • Pull banners - new and past limited banners. Updated frequently!

  • Mixing any 2-4 characters to create a new, cursed mutation

  • Card Generator based on Enka.Network

  • Saving cursed characters to further splice into even more cursed creations

  • Battling with pulled characters

Final Thoughts

Silly Wisher for Genshin is a meme-filled, free-to-play parody of Genshin Impact’s wish system. It’s perfect for those moments when you just want to laugh at some silly drawings and see what kind of cursed creations you can come up with. If you’re a Genshin Impact fan with a sense of humor and some time to kill, give it a try.

And if you love this kind of wacky fun, hop over to Wacky Warper, our own new creation! with Honkai Star Rail characters with lots of love from HSR fans, Genshin Impact, and Wuthering Waves. Imagine pulling Ruan Mei, dressing her up in maid costume, then feeding her some bananas; see what will happen. You’ve been warned.

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