Mariby, the adventurous prince of the kingdom of Byland, was no ordinary royal. Raised in luxury, he had honed his combat skills and possessed a heart filled with a thirst for adventure. Little did he know that his true test was about to begin.

As the kingdom celebrated a grand feast in honor of the king and queen, as well as the rulers of the five territories, an evil force swept in, led by the long-forgotten sixth ruler. This malevolent figure sought to conquer Byland, destroying everything in his path. Chaos and turmoil consumed the kingdom as the invading army wreaked havoc. Amidst the confusion, Mariby found himself separated from his parents and caught in the midst of the battle. Just as things seemed dire, a towering figure emerged—the Old Root of the giant tree village. The Old Root, a wise and powerful guardian, recognized Mariby’s potential and bravery. With great effort, the Old Root saved Mariby, though not without consequence. The prince, still young and frightened, had lost much of his memory from the battle.

Old Root
Old Root: The Powerful Guardian Now in Grave Condition.

Mariby found himself indebted to the Old Root, who lay in grave condition. Determined to repay the guardian’s kindness, Mariby embarked on a perilous quest to find a rare green elixir said to possess powerful healing properties. Accompanying Mariby on his journey was Pix, a mischievous yet loyal creature with a unique ability. Pix possessed a special sense that caused her to blink brightly whenever they drew near the elusive elixir. This innate gift became invaluable to Mariby, guiding him through treacherous landscapes and dangerous encounters. After enduring countless trials, Mariby finally discovered the elusive green elixir. With great hope, he administered it to the Old Root, who miraculously recovered. Grateful for his restoration, the Old Root shared vital information with Mariby.

Blinker: The Key Keeper.

Mariby learned of his parents’ capture and the true extent of the sixth ruler’s malevolence. In order to defeat this formidable foe, the prince needed more than physical strength—he needed to tap into the power of his ancestors. The Old Root imparted the ancient knowledge of Winhale and Wexhale, skills that allowed Mariby to absorb the abilities of his enemies and utilize them in combat. However, he could only do so with creatures that shared his innate traits. Armed with newfound powers, Mariby ventured into the five territories of Byland: the Giant Tree Village, the mystical Magic Academy, the treacherous Snowy Land, the enigmatic Foggy Forest, and the disorienting Upside-Down World. In each territory, Mariby faced unique challenges, encountered loyal rulers who were fearful of the sixth ruler’s power, and strived to prove his worthiness.

captain turtle
captain turtle
Mariby Facing Endless Challenges.

To rally the rulers and strengthen his cause, Mariby embarked on a mission to collect six ancient blue rubies—a symbolic representation of unity and power. These rubies, when combined, would allow Mariby to summon the ultimate ring, a legendary artifact that held the only hope of challenging the sixth ruler’s dominion. Throughout his arduous journey, Mariby demonstrated unwavering bravery, resilience, and compassion. He overcame perilous trials, forged alliances, and inspired hope among the people of Byland. As his reputation grew, the once-terrified rulers began to recognize Mariby’s true potential and the importance of his quest. At last, Mariby returned to the City of Light, his homeland, accompanied by the reunited loyal rulers and bearing the six ancient blue rubies. United under his leadership, the combined forces of Byland prepared for a final battle against the sixth ruler and his malevolent army.

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