Hippo Penny Game Reviews

Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny! I'm so excited to dive into CastleStorm, the medieval mayhem-filled game that's got everyone talking. And by everyone, I mean a bunch of fancy-pants critics who think they're above all this "cute" and "fun" nonsense.

Let's start with Gaming Nexus, who gave this game a whopping 91%. Oh, please, you can't even get that high score without sacrificing a few hours of your life. CastleStorm is like the college party of games - it's loud, it's chaotic, and you'll probably wake up the next morning wondering what happened.

But seriously, Gamers' Temple thinks Vikings replacing pigs in this tower defense mash-up is "Angry Birds inspired"? Give me a break! This game is like if Angry Birds got married to Plants vs. Zombies and had a baby - it's messy, it's confusing, but it's somehow kinda awesome. (85/100)

Everyeye.it says it's one of the most interesting Xbox Live Arcade games out there? That's rich coming from a site that probably still uses dial-up internet. CastleStorm is like the weird cousin at the family reunion - it doesn't quite fit in anywhere, but you can't help but be drawn to its quirks (80/100).

Metro GameCentral agrees that this game is a "great mix of action, strategy, and endearing silliness"? That's code for "I have no idea what I'm doing, but I love it!" CastleStorm is like the kid who shows up uninvited to your birthday party, brings all his friends, and insists on playing pranks on you - you might not want to invite them back, but you can't help but laugh at their antics (80/100).

Gaming Age says this game is "proof that ZEN Studios can do more than just Pinball games"? Yeah, no kidding! It's like they took all the leftover parts from their Pinball games and said, "Hey, let's make a Tower Defense game... with medieval stuff!" And somehow, it works (75/100).

MondoXbox thinks this game is "entertaining and well-thought-out"? That's nice, I guess. CastleStorm is like the friend who shows up late to your party, apologizes for being fashionably late, and proceeds to spill their drink on the carpet - you can't help but laugh at their antics (72/100).

And then there's ZTGD, who gave this game a paltry 59%. Oh, come on! You're just mad because you didn't get to play with the catapult. CastleStorm is like the kid in class who always has a better idea than the teacher - it might not be perfect, but it's trying really hard (and that's more than I can say for some of these critics).

All right, all right, I know what you're thinking: "But what about Hippo Penny?" Well, let me tell you, CastleStorm is like a big ol' bowl of hippo soup - it's messy, it's confusing, but somehow, it all comes together to make something truly unique and entertaining. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some virtual catapulting to do...


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