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children of the sun
Outstanding Experience
Hippo Penny! Get ready for a snappy review that's gonna make you wanna jump into the world of Children of the Sun!

First off, let me say that these critics are like trying to describe a unicorn's majesty - it's an uphill battle, folks! But I'll give 'em props for trying. IGN's 70 seems fair, but where was the love? GameSpot's 80 is spot on, though; this game is indeed a bloody delight! And don't even get me started on Game Informer's 90 - they nailed it!

Now, what about Slant Magazine's 70? Um... did they mean to say that Suda Gōichi is taking notes (wink)? Vandal's 77 is kinda vague, but I'll give 'em points for being honest. And SpazioGames' 84? Bingo! They hit the target!

Okay, now let's dive into the game itself. Children of the Sun is like a puzzle-packed box of magic bullets - it's got brains and brawn in equal measure! You play as a sniping mastermind (or mess-er, depending on your skills), using magic shots to solve spatial problems. It's like a macabre game of Tetris... but with skulls, blood, and the occasional flying head! *crunch*

Seriously, though - it's an absolute blast, especially when you nail that perfect shot and watch your enemies go ka-BOOM! The levels are cleverly designed to make you think outside the box (or coffin), and those high-score runs? Forget about it; it's like trying to collect all the power-ups in a Mario game!

So here's the verdict: Children of the Sun is a snappy, supernatural shooter that'll keep you entertained for hours on end. Just don't say I didn't warn you...
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