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deliver us mars
Solid and Enjoyable
Hippo Penny! It's time to get this mars-tastic review rolling!

I'm stoked to dive into Deliver Us Mars, a game that's got everyone in the gaming community talking. As I strapped on my virtual spacesuit and prepared for lift-off, I couldn't help but wonder: would this Martian adventure deliver (heh) on its promise of thrilling gameplay and captivating storytelling?

Let me start by saying that the voice cast and character writing are top-notch! The developers did an amazing job bringing this intergalactic mystery to life. However, as IGN so aptly put it, "poor technical performance during cutscenes" can be a real downer. It's like trying to enjoy a Martian sunset while your spacecraft is experiencing some... let's call it "glitchy turbulence."

Now, about those climbing and platforming mechanics – *sigh* I know, I know, they're a chore. But hey, at least the puzzles are somewhat rewarding! It's like solving a complex space puzzle to get that sweet Martian view.

Worth Playing agrees with me on this one: "Deliver Us Mars is surprisingly compelling." And I get it – who wouldn't want to search for their wayward dad (or mom) on the red planet? But, as Vandal so humorously pointed out, "it's a very irregular game" – and that's an understatement!

GameCritics might not be as thrilled, saying the puzzles are "rather dull." Ouch! And I can see why they'd say the plot is "sloppy and facile." But hey, at least we get some epic rock-climbing action! (Sorry, Edge Magazine, you're just gonna have to agree with me on this one).

PC Gamer gives us a thumbs-up for our "sci-fi storytelling talent," even if the production isn't entirely out of this world. I mean, it's not like we're talking about a game that'll revolutionize the genre or anything... just yet.

All in all, Deliver Us Mars is an intriguing ride with some major highlights and a few, ahem, minor "glitchy" moments. So if you're up for some intergalactic adventure and don't mind a little technical hiccups, then strap on your spacesuit and join the fun!

That's it from this hippo reviewer – Hippo Penny! See you next time in the vast expanse of gaming galaxy!
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