prison architect 2
Disappointing Game Experience
Prison Architect 2 may not grant you the keys to a real jail, but it sure makes you feel like an expert in orange jumpsuits and correctional facility chaos. This game is where creativity meets confinement, and it's a delightful mix of strategy, simulation, and slapstick comedy. The pixelated prisoners and unpredictable events keep you on your toes, although they're not necessarily defending their right to remain silent. You'll be juggling the needs and desires of your inmates while trying to keep your staff sane and the prison economy afloat. And let's not forget the occasional riot, which can really mess up your Feng shui. With its addictive game play, quirky humor, and ability to turn even a hardened criminal into a budding architect, Prison Architect 2 is a great choice for both casual gamers and tycoons of tyranny.
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