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From Sonic to Subway Surfers, and now to the exciting world of Skelly Run, there’s a new endless runner on the block that’s poised to make you bust into laughter. Skelly Run is the new endless runner game where you’re a badass skeleton with cool weapons, running through crazy challenges and stuff, all while sporting some seriously stylish dresses!! Unlike other runner games, this game is easy to challenge buddies, make fun, and laugh out loud.

My challenge for you: 4k points. Run in your style! Join The Challenge

Can you get a better style than this Adobe cool primrose dress?

Skelly Run is a fresh take on the endless runner genre, leaving behind the intense 3D landscapes found in games like Subway Surfers and replacing them with stunning 2D artwork. The game mechanics are refreshingly simple. You’ll swipe left and right to control Skelly, a charming skeleton character, as you navigate through a world filled with mountains, bones, and menacing monsters, all while collecting coins.

What sets Skelly Run apart is the delightful twist that allows you to be carried by the raven, enabling you to fly by physically moving your phone left and right. It’s a super fun way to collect lots of coins and adds a unique dimension to the endless runner experience. The motto of Skelly Run is simple: “Run for your life but must be in style.” You can use the coins you collect to dress up your character and even add cool sticks to smash those pesky bats.

Run in the snow with friends.

🏃 A New 2D Endless Runner Experience

Skelly Run takes a different approach from traditional endless runners. This charming 2D game features Skelly, a lovable skeleton character, and offers simple yet engaging game mechanics. Swipe left and right to guide Skelly as you navigate through a captivating world filled with mountains, bones, and menacing monsters, all while collecting precious coins. Don’t forget your pickaxe, it is a useful tool to smash those bats. The secret is you want to smash them; it feels good. A hint is to time your hit. Just don’t fall down!

Just don’t fall down!

🦅 Fly High with the Raven Companion

What sets Skelly Run apart is its delightful twist – Skelly can be carried by a raven, allowing you to take to the skies by physically tilting your phone left and right. This adds an entirely new level of enjoyment to the endless runner experience, making it incredibly fun to collect loads of coins while soaring above the landscape. The game’s motto is crystal clear: “Run for your life but must be in style.”

Tilt your phone to fly!

⚔️ Cool Weapons

What’s an adventure without the right tools? You’ll have a full weapon box for you to play with. And certainly you are badass, you want weapons that match your dress; Guarantees you will love that. Collect coins and pick the one that makes you look cool and get into action!

🏆 Competitive Fun

Join The Challenge

The endless adventure of Skelly Run isn’t just about surviving — it’s about you and your friends. It is fun but challenging — very difficult to get over scores of 4k!

Guarantee fun for everyone!

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